Review of Elvenar BETA

Elvenar is a fantasy city builder game made by InnoGames (the makers of Tribal Wars and Forge of Empires) that combines city planning and optimizations, trading, map exploring and strategic turn-based fighting.

In this enchanting city-builder you can play as an Elf, be close to nature and give to your city a more magical plant-like look or you can choose the engineering Humans option and be the founder of an industrialized powerhouse with medieval style.

The game is currently in Closed Beta phase and comes already filled with a plethora of buildings that visually change with each upgrade (up to level 15) increasing production, and posing various challenges along the way that requires your patience, planning skills, trading abilities and cooperation with your neighbors (although the game is full playable, many improvements will be added in the coming months).



  • Marvelous buildings architecture and graphics up to the lowest details
  • Huge map to explore and conquer
  • Fairly complex turn-by-turn fights (3D graphics) on a hexagonal tiles board


  • Chat is not implemented yet
  • Progress may be slow without using some of the premium items/buildings


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Game score is calculated based on your total min culture and working population.
You get bonus points for exploring new provinces. The higher level they are the more points you get.
Town Building
Culture Buildings and Items don’t need road access to place them.
Always finish off an enemy stack – it will cause the same damage no matter how many units there are!
Early on it is best to avoid combat, but you should still explore as much as you can afford.

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